Nicky's Mobile BBQ

Established in 2007.
Nicky has been a BBQ fanatic for longer than he can remember. He had his 14ft mobile BBQ Pit custom built and since it's mobile he cooks meat on site. There is full service catering and he caters throughout the Pgh area.

Catering Outside The Box

Established in 1999.
We have been in the catering business for 10 years. We currently own 2 catering companies and we know what it takes to please you. We also have a perfect venue.
We specialize in creativity and delicious food. After years of experience in catering, we decided that it was time for
to catch up with the times. We believe that catering should be about
the quality and flavor of the food but we have taken it to a whole new
Whether you are having a wedding, a corporate event, a
shower or just a company luncheon, we will make your experience more creative and enjoyable.